Gabby Giffords is Optimistic about America

Infrastructure, the FCC, and the Future of Television

Stability is not a bad thing. And women are much better at that.
Madeleine Albright

Boies on Moving Moments of Same-Sex Marriage Trial

With MOOCs, “the real question becomes, where is human intervention important?
Shirley Ann Jackson

Designing the Human Interface

More and more people understand that (marriage equality) is not about people being different; it’s about them being the same. You fall in love, you raise children, you love your children—those commonalities that make us all alike are so much more important.
David Boies
The American classroom hasn’t changed in over 150 years. The biggest change is that instead of a blackboard now we have a white board.
Eli Broad
We cannot be in a position ever again to decide whether or not the government could default.
Jacob Lew

In Conversation with US Treasury Secretary Jack Lew